Psychology of a Tattoo Essay

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Gaddiel R. Martinez
Social Psychology
Dr. Farber
February 23, 2010

Introduction In this paper, the psychology of Tattoos will be the topic. You will read about the Origin, the process of getting a Tattoo, and the psychological effect on people who get them. You will also read about the people who do not participate in this art and their reaction to those who do. As I did my research I found that getting a Tattoo can be a beautiful experience in your life, while it can also be a label that will mark you forever. They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this specially applies to this case. While some people have pictures of things, moments or people that they wish to never forget, some other people just wear them on
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The Horis (The Japanese tattoo artists) were the undisputed masters and the best of the best in this particular art. Their use of colors, perspective, and imaginative designs gave the practice and the art a whole new angle. The classic Japanese tattoo, is a full body suit. The list can go on as

tattooing is something that all cultures have taken a part of. India, Greece, France, Indonesia, and even in Africa, where people have dark skin. Because of their dark skin there could not be color in there tattoos, but they want to be tattooed anyway, so they have developed another technique. They make scarifications (this is not really tattooing, but it is related to tattooing). Made by lifting the skin a little, and making a cut with a knife or some other sharp object. Sands or ashes were rubbed in to make raised scars in patterns on the body. After the process is done it can be felt like Braille lettering. Their patterns often follow local traditions. In 1769, on their first trip to the southern seas, some of the sailors in James Cook’s crew let the natives of Tahiti decorate their skin as a memory of their experiences in this foreign and strange culture. They were the first to bring those so called "Tataus", a former native ritual action, as a fashion statement to Europe. In the beginning mostly native tribal symbols were done, which are ancestor of today’s Tribal Tattoos. At the end of the 18th century tattoos were already spread among sailors widely

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