Psychology : Nature Vs Nurture Debate Essay

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In Psychology there are many different approaches that offer explanations into the human mind and behaviour looking specifically at psychological processes, thoughts, feelings and motivations behind these behaviours. These main approaches are biological, behavioural, psychodynamic and cognitive. In addition to these explanations there is an argument within psychology that debates if physiological aspects or environmental aspects determine our behaviour, known as the nature versus nurture debate (Haralambos, et al., 2002). However there is much critique of these psychological approaches and their encompassing theories, which will be examined further to demonstrate explanations for criminal behaviour. 90
2.1 Evaluate two approaches in psychology
2.2 Analyse the application of these approaches to an aspect of human behaviour
The behavioural approach in psychology was one of the earliest and has a number of key assumptions with regard to explanations of behaviour. Specifically it believes when people are born their minds are “a blank slate” (McLeod, 2013), that all behaviour is learnt through the environment, and as such an environment determines a person’s behaviour thus that they have no free will. Behaviourism is predominantly concerned with observable behaviour as this supports psychology being seen as a science through the “carefully designed, laboratory-based experimental methods” (Haralambos, et al., 2002, p. 794). In addition, behaviourists view few differences between…

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