Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of Individual 's Behavior And Inferred Mental Processes

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Psychology is the scientific study of individual’s behavior and inferred mental processes. Those who study psychology focus on trying to understand human behavior through observations, using the six-step research method. The very reason why psychology is considered to be a science is because it applies the scientific method to comprehend natural occurrences. Those six steps that psychology follows are: ask a question, develop a hypothesis, select a method and design the study, collect data, analyze data and draw conclusions, and report findings. People tend to make different construals, meaning interpretations, about events and experiences they encounter on a daily basis. However, these construals differ from one person to the other, because everyone perceives and comprehends situations distinctively according to their own experiences and knowledge. With this in mind, psychological questions should always be answered scientifically, because commonsense is unreliable. Human beings are usually overconfident and they like to believe that they know more than they actually do. The theory of hindsight bias in commonsense suggests that when individuals learn the results of an event or a situation, they like to believe that they already knew its outcome. Therefore, if one wants to learn the possible explanations for an occurrence one has to apply the scientific method, leaving out assumptions, to come up with real objective answers. In social psychology, an attitude is how an…

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