Psychology Is The Scientific Study Of Human Behavior And Mental Process

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Even though some people think, psychology is not a type of science, it is because many scientists have studied the behavior and mental process of humans. Julie, among many others, do not think psychology is a science. Unlike Julie, Edward Titchener thinks psychology is a science and should be studied. There are many schools of science, the school where Titchener worked closely is the school of structuralism. John B. Watson belongs to the school of behaviorism. Titchner and Watson have studied humans in psychology.
Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental process. “Psychology is a science that seeks to answer such questions” (Meyers 2). Many people learn about psychology through everyday things, such as, interactions with others. “For people whose exposure to psychology comes from popular books, magazines, TV, and the Internet” (Meyers 2). Everyone is curious and have questions about their life and history. David Meyers says “to be human is to be curious about ourselves and the world around us” (Meyers 2). One of the first philosophers that questioned and tried to explore was Aristotle. “Aristotle theorized about learning and memory, motivation and emotion, perception and personality” (Meyers 2). Scientists kept thinking about thinking until one day in 1879 Wilhelm Wundt started an experiment. “Philosophers’ thinking about thinking continued until the birth of psychology” (Meyers 2) in a Germany University, where Wundt preformed an experiment that…

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