Psychology Is Not Good Enough Essay

750 Words Sep 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Martin Seligman states that Psychology today is not good enough. Aside from that fact, psychology has made many improvements over time. The two major victories achieved are related to the Disease Model. One of those achievements consist of scientists discovering treatments for 14 different disorders. Another includes, the Science of Mental Illness developing more guaranteed drugs and tests to treat patients. Those victories have made major impacts in patients’ lives.
The new tests and treatments has helped both psychologists and psychiatrists make miserable people less miserable. These were a few examples of their achievements, but there were also three costs of the Disease Model. These areas also became victimologists and pathologizers toward their patients. They also started to forget about the original desire to improve the normal lives, high talent, and happiness of their patients. Although, there are some changes that need to be made. There also were two major victories as well as huge positives in psychology and psychiatry.
Some of these positives include the requirements of each doctor to take an interest and concern in their patients’ strengths and weaknesses. The doctors also have a goal to build the best things in patients’ lives and to repair the worst. They aim to make the lives of others fulfilling and nurture them in order to make them their best self. Doctors can only do that and help their patients by testing to see the form of happiness, classification,…

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