Psychology Is Not A Science Essay examples

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Psychology is a science. A simple google search gives this explanation of what science is: “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment”. Now, I am going to explain why psychology meets that definition and much more. Psychology has a role in this world, and it is to be the best field of science it can be. This is achievable through three simple steps; conducting experimental research, spreading knowledge gained through experimental research, and by applying psychological concepts to benefit society. Many people claim that psychology is not a science and worse, that it’s a soft science. Psychology studies the world though observation and experiment, just like any of the other sciences. That is why the first step in psychology’s role to the world is conducting experimental research. Arguably the most famous experiment in psychology was the Obedience to Authority study conducted by Stanley Milgram. This classical experiment was about the relationships between those with authority and give orders and those who obey orders. Studies like these that have been created with psychological questions in mind are not important only for their ability to draw attention to psychology, rather because they allow the world to see what psychology is capable of. Huge uproar about the Nuremberg Trials left people flabbergasted by the ‘excuses’ that Nazi war criminals…

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