Psychology Is Influenced By Its Diversity Essay

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Psychology encompasses all aspects of the human mind and because the mind is nearly limitless in its thought and function, several areas of psychology must be present to cover the diverse nature of psychology. Psychology isn’t just the study of different aspects of the mind. It is a study of interactions, reactions, cognitive processes, environmental, abnormal, as well as several more areas within the field of psychology. The APA lists 54 different fields within the field of psychology (APA, 2015). It is a very diverse area of study. Because the study of psychology searches for the ultimate true function of the mind and behaviors associated with the mind, the diverse nature of the field deserves much respect and careful attention. Although the APA lists 54 different fields within psychology, psychology has its major concepts which is influenced by its diversity.
Evaluating the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts.
The major concepts of psychology are influenced by its diversity. Psychology’s major concepts include the biological aspect, the cognitive aspect, the psychodynamic and psychoanalytical aspect and the social aspect of psychology (MURRAY, 2002). Each major concept has its own reasoning for why people think and behave the way they do. Each major concept is specific on its beliefs on how psychology works. For example, the biological aspect explains how the reason we behave the way we do is because our traits were inherited from our…

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