Psychology Is A Science Of Behavior And Experience Essay

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Psychology is often defined as the science of behavior and experience, which puts an end to the question of whether psychology is a science. The dictionary defines science as a branch of knowledge conducted on objective principles involving the systematized observation of and experiment with phenomena. The important strands of this definition are that science aims to gain knowledge by being objective and systematic. It also aims to discover natural laws in order to predict and control the world (e.g., building dams, treat schizophrenia). Knowledge is gained by the scientific method, which is inherently reductionist. The Greeks considered questions of human behavior. Hippocrates (400 BC) proposed that individual differences in personality were related to body humors (fluids), too much black bile led to depression. Until the late 19th century, human behavior was the province of philosophers and physiologists. For example, in the 17th century, the British philosopher John Locke argued that the human mind was a blank state. The origins of psychology are often traced to 1879, when Wundt, trained as a physiologist, set up the first psychology laboratory in Leipzig, Germany. His aim was to make the study of mental processes more systematic using introspection. He trained students to make objective observations of their thought processes and used the results to develop a theory of conscious thought. Many scientists were, however unimpressed by the methods of introspection.…

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