Essay on Psychology: How the Brain Works

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NOVA: How the Brain Works
The description pretty much describes this video well. In essence, it’s a look into the complexity of the human brain. Trying to understand how we perceived the world around us and showing some of the experiments that try to explain how the process works. If you want to spend an hour with quirky but interesting approach to the topics of how illusions work, how our brains are affected by electro-magnetic impulses and what is the current status of artificial intelligence, you may find the time a pleasant diversion that was not wasted.
In the end, the brain is obviously still a wonderful mysterious organ that we are just scratching the surface of understanding. Would have been great to see how the brain works when
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The rest was very interesting. You’ll meet the people at IBM behinds the creation of the WATSON computer. See how directed magnetic pulses can effect remarkable physical and mental changes in people watching these shows. Its fun to take notes on the different scientist that are interviewed and look them up to see what their lab is up to currently.

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