Essay about Psychology : General Psychology - Addictions

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Ethics in Psychology: General Psychology – Addictions Case Study
An addition counselor, employed at an organization, which deals with clients that suffer from addiction behaviors. The psychologist is required to evaluate, assess and provide a plan, to which the client can start as part of their treatment/therapy. As a psychologist, performing their duties is not the problem. The major problem is the allotted time span of 30 minutes is not sufficient. The psychologist claims 60-90 minutes is a valid amount of time to assess and compose any treatment/therapy plan for the clients. The psychologist approached the individuals in charge of said organization several times with the concerns of the limitations, regarding consultation time, and each time their response was to just do the assessment(s) in 30 minutes (Capella Ethics Case Study 2016). Is The Psychologist Professional Practicing Outside the Scope of Licensure? If you were to ask the practicing psychologist, who seems to be a licensed professional, are they practicing outside the scope of their licensure or the Mental Health/Behavioral Health Professionals in Minnesota (2009), the possible response, could likely be yes. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy Practices under supervision. Four-thousand (4,000) supervised post-degree clinical practice hours are required for licensure. The scope of practice of…

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