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Ashley Gibbons PSY-400:History and Systems of Psychology Final Paper January 22, 2015 The nature versus nurture debate has lasted for centuries because of the difficulty of separating genetic and environmental factors in human beings. Psychologists have been debating for years and years if genetics or your surroundings are more important in determining your personalities. It is truly fascinating to stop and ask your self some questions. What makes me shy or brave? What makes me smart and

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He said he could train him regardless of race, talents and potentialities. This may be true, but in the end we are still left with the same question as to which one is the one that shapes us, nature or nurture?
The debate on nature versus nurture goes all the way back to 1582 when the British educator Richard Mulcaster first stated, “Nature makes the boy toward, and nurture sees his forward”. This statement means that nature explores our genetic inheritance and that nurture explores the environmental influences that shape our thoughts and behaviors. The debate may have started back in the 1500’s, but it didn’t take full effect until 1866 when Gregor Mendel introduced the fact that genes have an impact on human behavior. Now that the fact that genes can have an impact on human behavior has been introduced to the picture people are starting to see that nature can have an impact on behavior. “In an interview with Barbara Latten, a board certified nurse, she stated, I think inherently we are who we are. However, I do believe our environment weather it be our home, our extended family or neighborhood tends to shape how we think and our worldview, and how we respond”(
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