Psychology Essay on Aggression

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Aggression is a complex phenomenon influenced by genetic and psychosocial factors. The topics of aggression have been argued by many psychologists with different perspectives. Aggression can be described as a verbal or physical attack or even an insult such as threats, or sarcasm. Aggression can be broken down into two types, hostile and instrumental. Hostile aggression develops from feelings of anger hence; the intention is to inflict pain, for instance, someone deliberately hitting another with a baseball bat. While instrumental aggression is an act caused by an accident, therefore the intention was not to cause harm. For instance, kids playing football can accidently inflict pain through tackling, it was not premeditated.
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Dollard argue that our behaviour changes to frustration if our normal conditioned expectation of our self is unsatisfactory. Therefore it is inevitable for us to become aggressive. For instant, an athlete in a race dropped his baton before relaying it to his team mate. However, psychologist Neal Miller (1941) argued to say not all frustration lead to aggression similarly, some Cognition must be present before frustration turn into anger. Absent of these cognition will allow the person to vent their aggression at something else or leave them de-motivated.
Here I looked at the Biological view on aggression
Biological theorists suggest that aggression is caused by genetic or biological factors. An individual character, behaviour and relationships determine who they are through genetic /heredity (Glassmand & Hadad (2009). The assumption is that the brain is responsible for our behaviour and that chemical processes in the brain can affect psychological function. For instance, drugs, steroids or alcohol. Biological psychologists believe that aggression and other types of behaviour caused through genetics should be treated scientifically. Research from the twin study confirms this.

To prove this theory crimes committed by identical (Monozygotic) who shared 1 egg and fraternal (Dizygotic) twins who spring from 2 separate eggs were compared.
Mosby’s Medical Dictionary states that concordance is the expression of one or more

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