Psychology : Career Options And Strategies For Success Essay

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The course known as Psychology Seminar offers a myriad of topics to act as guidelines for the current psychology student and future professional. The book titled The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success, by Landrum and Davis (2014), explores a breadth of resources for psychology scholars. The overarching key items include understanding the academics of psychology at an undergraduate and graduate level, career options with varying ranks of degrees, as well as professional development and responsibilities. The field of psychology is extensive concerning the opportunities it affords; thereby, making it worthwhile researching during one’s schooling. Thus, I will reflect on memorable and beneficial subjects, along with future interests.
Over the past several weeks a range of topics have been explored, which I have categorized for the sake of cohesiveness. There is the navigation of being an undergraduate student to the transition of graduate school, career assistance and options for all levels of degrees, and professional guidelines. First, Landrum and Davis (2014) discuss the origination of why one opts for a psychology major. At the onset, they address that an undergraduate degree will not suffice in becoming a full-fledged psychologist. Yet, valuable skills are obtained throughout the process, including a broadened vocabulary, enhanced communication, and practice in introspection (pp. 13-14). The study of psychology is a good basis for those who…

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