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Identifying Data

MT is a 44-year-old Catholic background who is currently living with his family in Griffith, NSW before admission to the Forensic Hospital. He was born in Tonga, and subsequently migrated to Australia in 1983 when he was 11 years old. MT had multiple psychiatric related admission.

Presenting Complaint

MT was brought in into the forensic department following an incident involving him being aggressive towards an Indian family, as he believed that they were abusing him. He said that “ I thought they were saying stuff to me” and therefore, he entered the house and smashed a window and lounge chair in the flat and hit the owner of the house a couple of times. He then claimed that
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He has clear mania symptoms such as reduce the need for sleep, talkative, increased grandiosities and risk behaviours.

His main differential diagnoses would include :
1) Acute Psychosis with an Underlying Organic Disease
MT had symptoms of persecutory, religious and grandiose hallucinations. However, he has a strong background of schizophrenia and his lack need for sleep, talkative, increased grandiosity and aggression are supportive of mania which supports the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder.

2) Acute Delirium
Acute delirium occurs secondary to an underlying medical condition. The patient usually has hallucinations with or without an altered level of consciousness. However, there is no evidence of underlying condition in MT, which rules out this diagnosis.

MT was transferred to the mental health unit at Forensic Hospital as he exhibited aggressive behaviours which are dangerous to the

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