Essay on Psychology, Anthropology, And Sociology

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Studying psychology, anthropology, and sociology encourages the exploration of the diverse aspects in our community. The application of these three social sciences develops our understanding of human behaviour. Further, this information can explain our actions and thoughts towards ourselves and others in social situations, such as bullying. Bullying in a school can be examined with the knowledge of the social sciences to explain the nature of the students involved.

Psychology is the study the human mind and its functions – how an individual thinks, feels, and behaves. Thus, the application of this social science can assist in our understanding of the behaviour and mindset of a bully. Examining a bully in a psychological sense can form questions such as: What drives an individual to bully? What are their motives? Is their assault premeditated, or are their actions extemporaneous? How does one feel when they are bullying someone? How do they feel after they have bullied someone? Does a person bully another because they feel superior, or because they want to feel superior? Once a psychologist studies an individual 's patterns to understand the problem, steps can be taken to ensure that bullying can be eliminated. By examining a bully 's thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, a social scientist may recommend methods for the individual to react in a more healthy manner. Rather than upsetting others, they can learn different approaches to convey their thoughts, and emotions…

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