Psychology and Ob Essay

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Chapter 1
What is Psychology?
(Corresponds to Prologue and Chapter 1 in Myers Text; NOTE that page numbers on this do NOT correspond to the Myers text)


1. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of a) behavior and mental processes. b) diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders. c) conscious and unconscious mental processes. d) the mind.

ANS: a DIFF: 1 PG: 1-4 TYPE: R OB: 1

2. The scientific study of behavior and mental processes describes a) behaviorism. c) psychology. b) psychoanalysis. d) clinical psychology.

ANS: c DIFF: 1 PG: 1-4 TYPE: R OB: 1

3. Eduardo DeLeon is engaged in scientific research
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c) psychoanalysis. b) basic research. d) the practice of psychology.

ANS: d DIFF: 2 PG: 1-5 TYPE: C OB: 6

14. The results of ________ research in the study of the perceptual development of infants and lower animals is often useful in formulating the treatment of visual disorders in humans. a) pure c) controlled b) basic d) action

ANS: a DIFF: 3 PG: 1-5 TYPE: C OB: 6

15. Applied research is research undertaken a) with humans. b) with lower animals. c) for its own sake. d) to find solutions to specific problems.

ANS: d DIFF: 1 PG: 1-5 TYPE: R OB: 6

16. The difference between pure and applied research is the difference between a) prediction and control. b) practice and theory. c) research for its own sake and research to solve specific problems. d) application and explanation.

ANS: c DIFF: 1 PG: 1-5 TYPE: C OB: 6

17. Research using computers to understand artificial intelligence is considered __________ research. a) pure c) longitudinal b) applied d) none of the above

ANS: a DIFF: 2 PG: 1-5 TYPE: A OB: 6

W 18. Dr. Langer is treating a college student for depression in his private practice. Most likely Dr. Langer is a(n) __________ psychologist. a) counseling c) educational b) school d) clinical

ANS: d DIFF: 2 PG: 1-6 TYPE: A OB:

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