Psychology And Its Impact On Mental Illness Essay

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Initially, my concepts of psychology were rooted in ideas that could be 'extrapolated ' to fit most people, but this perception quickly changed after taking this course. I also learned that making a diagnosis can sometimes cause stigma with regard to those who fall into the realm of requiring abnormal psychology. The role of the tools being utilized within the psychological world also surprised me a bit, especially when it came to research. When research is conducted, it is not a 'blanket ' tool utilized to predict the behaviors of people in every instance, it is simply a 'helpful guide ' in which someone involved in psychology can gain more insight into specific situations. Ultimately I discovered that while a psychologist can sometimes find associative tools to be useful in evaluating a patient, it is ultimately most useful to treat that patient as a 'burgeoning puzzle ', one which they must aid the clinician in solving. I found the earlier methods to treat mental illness (such as those practiced in Egypt and Rome) to be geared towards generalization, that is the assumption that there were 'one size fits all ' approaches to given problems such as aggression, depression, and other mental illnesses. Upon completing the course I could see the rationale of psychologists in their day making such assumptions, but after completing this course, I know that approaches tailored to individuals are going to be more effective. I discovered that the practice of psychology is just…

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