Essay on Psychology : A Wide Range Of Medical Careers

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Psychology integrates into a wide range of medical careers. From nurses to ambulance technicians. Psychology is the ground structure of communication in the patient-doctor relationship. Doctors use psychology to inform and comfort their patients. An example of one of these doctors is geneticists. Geneticists use different psychological theories when working with their patients and in the field of genetics: the theory of stress, the theory of coping, developmental psychology, and the seven perspectives to increase their effectiveness in the workplace.
My Career Choice
A geneticist is a biologist who studies genetics and heredity. There are many paths of this career. Geneticist work in academics, medicine, agriculture, research, law, and journalism. A traditional genetic career would be a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors specialize in providing support and information to patients diagnosed with genetic disorders. Genetic counselors work closely with clinical geneticists. In the field of medicine, clinical geneticists are physicians who study, diagnose, and treat patients with genetic disorders. Such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, sickle cell disease, etc. They also screen unborn babies for genetic errors and abnormal conditions. Agricultural geneticists use genetics to breed new crops and farm animals. Biotechnology is used in research for new pharmaceuticals and antibiotics. Not many geneticists do this, but some trained geneticists pursue careers in journalism or law.…

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