Psychology : A Dysfunctional Environment At A Young Age Can Psychologically Damaged Memory

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Psychology may be understood to others in different ways and perspectives. At first , my presumption was overlooked but I now appreciate the value of psychological well-being. How my past, present and future experiences can manifest many characteristics that I misunderstood in the beginning . I’ve realized the fear I had to look past my childhood experience and keep moving forward. In this paper, I will carefully dissect every aspect of my psychological understandings in personality, memory , and behavioral impact , in order to , find self-worth.
Understanding that a dysfunctional environment at a young age can psychologically damage our memory . Memory is the process of three components that do with storage, retrieval, and encoding in information. After understanding that, there are several ways memory can impact a person’s life based on their hardships.Memories like flashbulb memory can cause one to repress their memories . Repression happens due to the “ traumatic memories [that] are buried in the unconscious”( Boyd 204 2013 ) . Hence, flashbulb memory in which the memory can become very emotionally provoking to the individual . According to researchers , Brown and Kulik, they believed that this particular memory can tag along with the person resisting change.Therefore, the impact can possibly be motivated to forget the memory and repress them . Hence, uncomfortable to change when the time comes to move on.
After learning about memory I became familiar with…

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