A Career As A Forensic Psychologist

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There are thirty different Psychologist careers that require a degree in psychology, and that is far from all of the career options for someone with a psychology degree. Someone with a psychology degree usually is associated with being a counselor but not all of them do. Psychologists are experts in human behavior and that is how they can help others. Of the thirty careers in Psychiatry I will choose four to go over a somewhat: Counseling Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Cognitive Psychologist, and a School Psychologist. Of the many Psychologists, a Counseling Psychologist works with less serious problems than a Clinical Psychologist does. This form of counseling helps to treat and gain back control of your feelings and emotions. Sigmund …show more content…
I mean my perspective is a little on the false side since I have really only seen what is on television but there has to be much more to it. The Forensic Psychologists study the criminals themselves and determine possible types of people who commit the crimes and try to find ways to prevent others from committing them ("Careers In The..”, n.d.). I think that being a forensic psychologist would be an interesting career, I have done some studying of some major criminals online and what I have read is interesting but I would want the background to be the people who made a lot of the connections in behavior to their crimes. I have actually thought about going into that field of work but I can’t be sure to have or keep a job in that field. If I actually understand this field of work, it could also be considered profiling criminals similarly or the same way writer and former FBI profiler, John Douglas, was profiling …show more content…
From my experience I have noticed that school has so many problems, for example, the people interacting with you aren’t always the best people to be around. Friends turn to enemies quickly and when someone says something mean or starts bullying you it hurts and kids need someone they can talk to; a School Psychologist is a person trained to deal with those types of issues. A school psychologist also helps with learning disabilities and making sure they get the best education they can receive ("Careers In The..”, n.d.). I don’t believe I need to see a School Psychologist but I think that talking to someone when something is upsetting me is one of the best

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