Essay about Psychological Theory And Psychological Theories

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Psychological theory views brain injury, trauma, childhood experiences, and deficits in the brain, or incomplete cognitive development, as factors influencing behavior. In large, psychological theories are concerned with individual’s psychological characteristics, including, personality, patterns of thoughts, aggression, development and learning, and how improper development or psychological deficit can affect individuals and lead to criminal behavior.
Vold’s states that there are two types of psychological theories: one that focus on intelligence and another on personality (p. 65). Psychological theories that focuses on intelligence often use IQ scores to assess human intelligence. According to Vold’s, low intelligence has been the psychological characteristic most often used to explain criminal and delinquent behavior. Therefore, establishing a correlation between low IQ scores and criminality. Specifically, individuals with low IQs are more likely to commit crimes than individuals with higher IQs (p. 71). In terms of personality, it was discovered that offenders tend to be low in agreeableness and low in conscientiousness. Offenders with low agreeableness tend to be hostile, self-centered, spiteful, jealous and indifferent to other people. Offenders with low conscientiousness tend to lack ambition, motivation, and perseverance, and have difficulty controlling their impulses. These behaviors are also seen in patients with neurological disorders, or who have suffered…

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