Psychological Stress Critique Papaer Essay

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Article Critique: Differentiation of Self, Stress and Emotional Support as
Predictors of Psychological Stress Lynne Gaynor EDF 5481 Florida International University

This critique discusses the article written by Romana C. Krycak, Nancy L. Murdock and Jacob M. Marszalek (2012) regarding the relations among stress, emotional support, and differentiation of self from the family of origin as predictors of psychological distress. The review begins with a summary of literature review; continues with the methods utilized, results, discussion and conclusion; and concludes with personal contributions.
Summary and Critique of Literature Review The topic discussed in the article,
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The higher the level of differentiation, however, the more stress required to trigger a symptom. Researchers tested this proposition and found two different interpretations of the relationship among stress, differentiation of self and symptoms. Some of the studies found that differentiation of self changes the relationship between stress and distress, whereas others show that differentiation of self mediates (or explains the mechanism by which stress affects) the relationship.
In another study researchers tested both the moderation and mediation hypotheses, and found that higher levels of differentiation were negatively related to both stress and psychological distress, but found that differentiation partially mediated the relationship between stress and adjustment. Krycak, R.C., Marszalek, J. M. and Murdock, M. L., (2012) reported that one line of research has focused on testing the nature of the relationships among differentiation of self, stress, and psychological distress, because Kerr and Bowen argued that stress would be experienced in the context of differentiation of self. The second line of research focused on testing other variables that should relate to differentiation of self as a way of further elaborating Bowen theory.
Based on Bowen’s theory and in previous research, researchers hypothesized that emotional support would mediate the relationship between differentiation of self and psychological distress. This

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