Psychological Safety And Physical Safety Essay

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Psychological Safety
As mentioned in the introduction, the prior studies have classified psychological safety in several components, including physical risk- psychological safety (Amponsah-Tawiah et al., 2013), energy-psychological safety (Babin & Boles, 1996),inner-psychological safety (Brown & Leigh, 1996) and team-psychological safety (Edmondson, 1999). Whilst some prior studies have examined the components of psychological safety, those studies have overlooked the link between these components. Hence, this study uses all dimensions of psychological safety as follows.
First, physical risk-psychological safety is a safety feeling which is dealing with physical risk conditions such as noise, hazard and etc., (Amponsah-Tawiah et al., 2013). Physical risk psychological safety relate to other types of psychological safety, such as energy safety (Walker and Hutton, 2006, Wu et al., 2008, Lu and Tsai, 2008, Makin and Winder, 2008, Beus et al., 2010).
On the other hand, Walker and Hutton (2006) provided qualitative evidence for the existence of psychological contracts of safety and used the identified safety obligations to develop psychological contracts of safety measurement. Accordingly, they found 48 employer safety obligations (e.g., provide personal protective equipment, reward safe working behaviour, and investigates hazards and risks), and 36 employee safety obligation items such as use work equipment properly, report safety incident, and follow safety rules. Although…

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