Essay about Psychological Profiles Of Athletes And Athletes

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Psychological Profiles of Athletes
Psychological profiles of athletes is a topic that is studied in sports, and one important focus of this psychology is the athletes ability to cope and respond appropriately to stressful situations involved in competition (De Melo, Giavoni, 2010). The article titled, “Elaboration and Validation of the Athletes Idiocentric and Allocentric Profile Incentory” by, Gislane De Melo and Adriana Giavoni discusses the characteristics of athletes cognitive styles and how they respond to different situations within athletics. The hypothesis made in this study was that particular personality traits and characteristics of dominance, competitiveness, anxiety, and support, would all come into play when evaluating the athlete’s response (p. 1022).

Purpose and Sample
The purpose of this study was to research various athletes in different sports and evaluate their personal behaviors and characteristics in order to assess their psychological profile that can be read and validated through a psychometric scale (p. 1022). The theory in this study was that the cultural components in different societies, as well as personal and individual qualities would be the determinant of the athletes psychological profile. The results of this study are evaluated with the purpose to then have the ability to create a system of measurement to classify psychological profiles (p. 1023).
The sample of the study consisted of 273 athletes from national championship college sports…

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