Essay about Psychological Phenomena And Its Effects On Human Existence

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Psychological occurrences, from a psychobiology viewpoint, can be traced back to their biological roots (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014). In other words, psychology is really just an effect of biological manifestations which can ultimately be understood through a strictly physiological perspective. This is not a new concept, and in some form or another has been around for over 2,000 years, but more than ever before the technology exists to delve deeper into what is biological and what is psychological, and perhaps most importantly, how this affects human existence. If all psychological phenomena is a result of biological functions (i.e. genetics, evolution, hormones, etc.) then behavior at work can be influenced through the environment and appealing to instinctual physiological events. For example, even something as unassuming as ceiling height can have an effect on a person’s mental and cognitive abilities. In a series of experiments, the height of a room’s ceiling elicited feelings in the participants of either freedom (high ceiling) or confinement (low ceiling); which influenced their thinking by increasing their ability to find connections between seemingly unrelated items in high ceiling rooms, and showed a decline in this capability when in low ceiling rooms (Meyers-Levy & Zhu, 2007). This could have very real implications when designing a workspace for employees and also areas for consumers.
One aspect of biopsychology research that is different from other psychological…

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