Psychological Perspectives Of Personality And Stress Essay

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Dan voluntarily came in to the community organisation showing distinct signs of distress. He stated that the company he worked for needed to cut down on their employees and he was one of the staff members who got dismissed. Dan tells he knew this would happen and was convinced that he would be one of those employees. The cause of his job dismissal was due to economic downfall but he refused to believe this. He would often say “It’s all my fault, I’m such a failure” multiple times during the interview and worry about concerns regarding his family by saying “My wife and family depend on me… I just can’t cope with this”. Based on his assessment, it has been discovered that he has eating and sleeping disorders and also a history of having low self-esteem and anxiety. On this case study, I will explain Dan’s situation from two psychological perspectives: the trait perspective of personality and stress and coping. I will also provide recommendations under each psychological perspective as a social worker to support Dan with his situation.

Trait Perspective Personality

Neuroticism Personality continuum

A personality trait is described as the collection of an individual’s behavioural and attitudinal pattern which in turn, makes up the individual’s personality (Sheppard, 2015). Robert McCrae and Paul Costa came up with a factor analysis to classify an individual’s personality. They claim that all behavioural characteristics came from five major traits, known as the “Big…

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