Psychological Motivation For Consumption Is More Than One Role

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stating that a man plays more than one role in his life. For example a father or mother to his children, a lover to his spouse, a brother or sister to his siblings, a friend to his peers and so on ,showing the different personalities carried by one individual. The same way the consumer decision, making will be different for each type of personality carried on by the same individual. There will always be a great difference of personalities especially during a vacation and work. For example a survey conducted in the UK us and Pacific Rim countries proved that the different aspects of their personalities played a crucial role depending on whether they were making decisions from work or home. Consumers in their homes produces favorable results with the availability of more emotions and less time conscious concerns. (Skur hill),
The extended self is usually the external objects that we consider part of our self. (Solomon, bamossy and k.hogg)
Second theory
Psychological Motivation for consumption is more commonly observed in shopaholic’s .There is a stereotype where a large number of them are always refereed to be women but this is all mainly about the mentality of the consumer . These type of consumers are usually influenced by the marketing stimuli well laid by the different brands .motivation is the process that causes people to behave in the specific manner they do. It is the reason which creates a want which is developed and aroused into a drive to reach the specific…

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