Psychological Manipulation And Its Effects On Children Essay

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runaways that they can see have not had their emotional need met at home. Then they use psychological manipulation to convince the children into believing they are loved and cared for. Often times the pimp will spend a lot of time doing nice caring things for the child buying them nice things taking them places introducing them to other children that they have psychologically convinced they are a wonderful person. Once this belief is installed the table turns and a very evil and sick game begins to play out. The pimp has built what is called a trauma bond, this bond is a very hard bond to brake. The child will do whatever the pimp requires them to do. The child is sold or traded endless times in acts of sex, and is viewed as disposable once the child becomes sick or pregnant they are disposed of left for dead on the streets, but not before the pimp has made $100’s a day from the sales of sex acts involving the child. Pimps use runaways for other task like transporting drugs, or shoplifting. Shoplifting is also known as boosting, the pimp send the child in with a list of items to steal and the children get it. The pimp then rewards them with some small token, and the praise of being such a good little booster. The stolen items are then sold off on the internet for a portion of the price a person would have to pay in the stores. This is a pretty lucrative form of income as well and the pimp doesn’t have to worry about the children getting sick, or pregnant. However most of…

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