Essay on Psychological Factors That Affect My Life

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As a 19-year old, it is quite difficult to imagine what my life will resemble when I am over 70 years old. Biologically, individuals represent an age of physical and mental functioning, rather than a specific age (Berk, 2009). Therefore, I hope that when I am around 70 years old, I have a functioning age a couple of years younger. Psychological forces may greatly effect my personality and temperament, in either a positive or negative way. I see myself remaining positive, by keeping healthy relationships and finding ways to stay busy. Along with this, sociocultural forces, such as stereotypes and lack of understanding the changing lifestyle, may lead me into states of uneasiness and confusion about life in general. Although I do not think that I will experience problems with race or sex, there are still problems associated with aging.
By this point, I would imagine my role within my family to be the grand mother. I would like to have all of my children moved out of the house, and potentially living farther away than preferred. Along with this, I would likely be retired at this time and be more absorbed in my family’s life. Without them nearby though, I would open room in my schedule to give time for activities that I previously would not have time for in younger adulthood. I would like to engage in lightly active activities, such as biking and walking, and attend different political and volunteer-centered conferences. I would definitely like to remain actively involved with a…

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