Psychological Factors On The Mind And The Emotions Essay

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Psychological factors relate to the mind and the emotions. They are difficult to describe, and differ from person to person depending on their lifestyle and upbringing. Some psychological factors such as beliefs, habits, values and past experiences with food have a constant influence on the foods selected, while choices made as a result of emotions, self –concept and attitudes can vary from day to day.
A value is a deep personal feeling about what is important to you. Values are strong enough to influence behaviour and motivate action. A person’s values may reflect those of the family and culture in which they were raised, or they may be a personal response to the experiences encountered throughout their life. In terms of food selection, the values most likely to influence choices are related to food origins and the maintenance of health.
Most people value their life very highly. They respect the rights of all living things to exist in peace and free from any pain and suffering. Vegetarianism is often a reflection of value-based food selection. A person may find the thought of killing and eating an animal revolting, or they may disagree with the conditions under which some animals are raised as a food source. Some people value an animal’s right to freedom so highly that they do not agree with the consumption of any animal products, including dairy products such as eggs, milk, cheese and more. Other individuals become vegetarians for reasons other than these values.

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