Psychological Factors And The Cyber Attack Essays

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To understand threat actors and their motivation to hack into a system, we have first to examine their background, psychological factors and culture environment. Understanding threat actors include elements such as personality characteristics, motivations, and what drives or influence these criminals. Hackers break into systems for profit, thrills, bragging rights, and curiosity. There are several psychological factors which can often motivate hackers which can be money, fame, revenge, and personal thrills. Organizations today face many ominous cybersecurity concerns that must be addressed systematically and effectively to protect the organization, their customers, and employees. The specifics of Sony Picture Entertainment cyber incident and analyze of the hacker’s motivation are discussed in further details. The identity of the suspected hackers is discovered, including their motivations for hacking into Sony Picture Entertainment database. Methods of the organization to discourage hackers or intruders with similar motives to protect Sony Picture Entertainment from future attacks are acknowledged as well.
Details of the Cyber-Attack
Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed their computerized information systems were disabled due to a security data breach. Hacker’s known as Guardians of Peace (GOP) stole business and individuals personal information. The FBI initiated an investigation revealed North Korea as being responsible for cyber-attack. Media reports…

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