Psychological Effects Of Reality Television

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A lot of the television in today’s world seems to be the way of drawing the attention of human beings as to how we should be and what the perfect example of a human is. Most of what we see on television are advertisements. The advertisements contain perfect looking people, promoting products that are supposed to make us look perfect like the person we’re viewing. Making us believe that this is the quintessential appearance of human beings and that appearing physically different in anyway is not the norm. This not solely what appears on television, but it’s the majority of what appears on television. Therefore there since it is the majority of what’s shown, there is a clear message being sent to all television viewers. That message being that a person should aim to appear physically perfect. These messages have huge consequences, and play a major negative psychological effect on human into thinking that this is how they should be. This is physically impossible and makes a person constantly conscious about their physical appearance which leads to things like insecurity, and constant self-awareness which is psychologically damaging.
These points bring up one aspect of television known as Reality Television. Where the people who appear in these shows are perfect examples of aiming to be perfect,
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It is a tool solely for companies to make money. The counter effect of this demeans the female race, and has negative psychological implications for both sexes. Females strive to constantly enhance they’re looks, and males begin to see them as objects which from my own observance has resulted in hyper sexualized societies across the globe. This is extremely unnatural and weakens the morality of individuals who act upon what they’re seeing. Women should to be treated and viewed like actual human beings, not like some piece of

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