Ophelia's Loss In Hamlet

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The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming and painful to those in mourning. The psychological and physical effects of loss are expressed through the practice of grief. There is no timetable for grieving and everyone will manage the loss of a loved one differently. Death forces survivors to readjust their lives in order to compensate and cope. In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” Hamlet presented deep love and affection for Ophelia prior to his father’s murder. Hamlets undeniable love for Ophelia was often tested throughout his grieving period by the unfortunate actions of the people surrounding him. In some of the opening scenes we already start to see how Hamlets mental state begins to dwindle. Once he sees his father’s ghost it seems to …show more content…
He ends the letter as romantic as ever by saying, “Thine evermore, most dear lady…, this is a clear thought of his endless love for her (Crowther, ed., 2005). Prior to Hamlets unstable behavior, regardless of his status as Prince, he truly did have the notion of marrying her. As we grow, people generally have the want to love and be love, but sometimes we subconsciously hurt the ones we love. Hamlet begins to harden his heart in which my belief is to protect not only himself but …show more content…
This upsets Laertes, and he jumps into fight Hamlet. Hamlet begins to questions Laertes love by asking him things like would you cry or fight or starve or even die buried in this grave with her, things Hamlet was ready to do for Ophelia. Hamlet stated that forty thousand brothers could never match the love he had for her. Throughout the play there were many actions that can be seen as Hamlets love for Ophelia but this scene was the first time he admitted it to all the people around him. He shows regret and sadness because he realizes the actions that blinded his mind and ultimately caused the loss of his true

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