Summary Of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

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Slaughterhouse Five was written by Kurt Vonnegut. He finished the book in 1969. It is his famous book on Dresden, or so he says in the first chapter of the book. It also goes by another title which is The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance With Death. Kurt Vonnegut wrote it as an anti-war novel, which he does through the portrayal of Billy Pilgrim’s life before, during, and after World War II. Billy Pilgrim supposedly time travels and goes to another planet after his time in the war, but I believe that Billy has post-traumatic stress disorder, and that is what causes his time travel and alien visits. Slaughterhouse Five is written to show Billy Pilgrim travel through time to many different moments throughout his life ranging from his time in optometry school to his supposed death. Billy goes to optometry school after high school, but is not able to stay there …show more content…
Two of the other soldiers are scouts and are eventually killed. Billy, along with Roland Weary, are captured by the Germans and sent to prison camp by train. There are many other soldiers in the camp when they get there, as well as some British soldiers who try to get all the new American soldiers to keep themselves clean and tidy, and they even put on a production of Cinderella for everyone. Billy is then taken to Dresden, Germany, along with some of the other prisoners of war, to live in the slaughterhouses. While living there, the Allied forces bomb Dresden. Billy and some of the other prisoners survive the bombings along with some of the guards. They come out to see the city in ruins. The Russians eventually come and tell everyone that the war is over and the Allies have won. Billy goes back to optometry school and finishes his degree. He also marries Valencia Merble, who during their honeymoon says that she can tell Billy is not okay. Billy is abducted by the Tralfamadorians on the night of his daughter’s wedding. He spends a period of a few

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