Psychological Disorders : Finding Nemo Essay

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Psychological Disorders in Finding Nemo Many times movies have hidden things inside them. Disney does an excellent job with being able to reach all ages. Finding Nemo is a perfect example of being able to reach all ages of viewers. I first watched Finding Nemo when I was six years old. As a first grader I just thought Finding Nemo was a funny movie about a not so funny clown fish trying to find his son. Little did I know there were psychological disorders in the movie as well. The movie starts out with Marlin showing his wife their new home. They are so excited about their future with their new home and their 400 children that are waiting to be hatched. When then a violent barracuda destroys the plans that Marlin has for his family. Marlin is traumatized from the event that occurred and becomes very scared and overprotective of his son. On Nemo’s first day of school they take a field trip to the drop-off. Once Marlin hears this he instantly becomes panicked and rushes to find his son. Marlin has a fear of the open sea. Marlin tries to tell Nemo that is not read for school but Nemo rebels against his father swimming out in the open sea. But then is captured by a human diver. Instantly Marlin goes into panic once again because he has the fear that he might never get to see his son again. Marlin then starts on a long journey to find Nemo. On the way he meets Dory who also suffers from the psychological disorder of short term memory loss. And together the go find Nemo. One…

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