Standardized Language In Psychology

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In the community of psychological discourse, the standardized language is used among professions; technical manual about the language use is adopted to educate the future psychologists and to regulate the published journal. The purpose of standardized language is avoiding the misinterpretations and promoting the ‘effective’ communication. Upper-level courses in psychology department often required students to write the review articles to integrate the student’s knowledge about the statistics, and research methods. In this paper, we will going to examine the influential article in the psychological discourse community, the most cited article in the psychology journal (Van Noorden, Maher and Nuzzo 553). According to journal nature, Mini-mental …show more content…
The instructor and department aimed at provide students opportunities for learning a discipline-based writing. “The goal of psychological literacy is to be able to write clearly and concisely about psychology for professional and lay audiences alike” (Cranney and Dunn 18). The instructor of the upper-level class want student to learn the structure and formatting of the psychological literacy. “Research methods are at the heart of psychological inquiry and knowledge. They distinguish psychology as a science from psychology as a pseudoscience.” (APA 850). Since the psychology adopt the scientific research methods, the conventional psychology curriculum required students to learn how to design experiments and analyze experimental results. The selected research article for this paper is Mini-mental state — practical method for grading cognitive state of patients for clinician by Folstein, Folstein, and McHugh, which cited at the research and review papers of psychology journals over thirty thousand times (Van Noorden, Maher and Nuzzo …show more content…
They assume that the readers from multiple discipline can have different standard about the interpretation of the quantitative data, so briefly discuss what the result is with a general-level language. In order to understand the writer’s intention about why quantitative data is important for the current study, the reader should have formal knowledge about the statistic and graph. The psychology department required a quantitative class for undergraduate student in psychology. In a quantitative class, students learn what the word “significant” signifying about the research findings, how to analyze and interpret the graph, and how to write the quantitative data into APA

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