Psychological Concepts And Cognitive Concepts Essay

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During the last centuries many psychologists have been trying to understand behavioural processes of living beings. After decades of experimenting with animals and humans, it became clear that behavioural processes, learning strategies and personality development are closely linked and complex. This complexity resulted in the development of a great variety of psychological theories to explain human behaviour.
This essay is an analysis of four psychological concepts displayed by characters in the DVD, “Men’s Sequence”. A father and son are left to organise a family member’s birthday party without the help of the mother. Two social psychological concepts that are evident in the scenario are obedience and attribution processes. Two behavioural psychological concepts, which can also be observed in the interaction between the two characters in the scenario, are positive reinforcement and observational learning.

“Obedience is a form of compliance that occurs when people follow direct orders, usually from someone in a position of authority” (Weiten, 2014, p.418).
In 1963, Stanley Milgram carried out a controversial experiment in which he tested people’s willingness to inflict pain on innocent human beings with electric shocks as instructed by an authoritative figure.
The experiment proved that the majority of people with high moral standards in their daily lives were willing to act immorally, simply because the instruction came from a person they regarded as having authority.…

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