Psychological Characteristics Of Advertising: Physiological And Psychological Factors

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Advertising has always had a way to persuade people in a way to either buy or choose something. Which is called subliminal messaging, when one shows a product on tv, newspaper, radio, or etc. in which it influences the buyer without them even being conscious of it. Many believe that subliminal messages can persuade people to purchase products, but also some do not believe in it what so over. This myth is plausible because of physiological and psychological factors, sensation seekings, and lastly perception within subliminal messaging.
Physiological and Psychological Factors
Initially, physiological and psychological factors hold down a great amount of influence for subliminal messaging. Physiology is a branch of biology that deals with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts. In subliminal messaging
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For example, in a study conducted by the University of Texas and University of Liège (Belgium), they examined the ability of the participants to detect the small deviances, in which they designed to subliminally choose half the participants to be with the word “Red Bull”and then the other half (control group) with the same word but the words mixed around like so “Lde Ublr”. Sensation seeking effected this experiment greatly. For example, “Participants high in sensation seeking presented with Red Bull were more likely to desire this brand than participants high in sensation seeking exposed to the control group” (Bustin, para. 15). This shows how a brand that is advertised, has subliminal messages and well known shows more recognition even if they are the same thing. People with high sensation seeking will more likely pick the more popular item. In the Red Bull experiment what they concluded towards their study is that it demonstrates how the unconscious can be more strongly processed if it is broadcasted through the internet for subliminal

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