Essay on Psychological Aspects Of Psychological Operations Specialist

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Psychological Operations Specialist Imagine being in an occupation where you travel the world countless times to different countries and influence their way of life and thought process . To have the power to be able to bend someone 's will at a blink of an eye and without them ever knowing what is happening. In this job a person’s creativity and overall intelligence is their greatest weapon. The purpose of a Psychological operations specialist is to convey information while inducing or reinforcing behavior that would be favorable to the united states. PSYOP involves the careful planning , transportation and dissection of a product message given unto them. In order to be successful, all subliminal messages must be based on reality, they must be consistent and never contradict one another. A useful tool in this profession is propaganda. Propaganda is a biased cluster of information used to promote or display something of value to the person presenting it. It is most recognizable in politics or a person’s point of view in general. For many years PSYOPS have used this to broadcast their beliefs and mindsets in foreign countries in order to become victorious in warfare. An example would be Hitler’s tactics in world war 2. He became well versed in the use of mass propaganda to influence and change the thinking patterns the minds of the German native population in the decades that are to come. In a more modern timespan, it was also used in the Vietnam war. The United…

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