Psychological And Psychological Stress Of Death Be Not Proud ( 1949 )

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If you are fighting cancer, it is common to experience psychological distress. “Psychological stress describes what people feel when they are under mental, physical, or emotional pressure”( It’s normal to experience some psychological stress from time to time, but people who experience it a lot or at high levels of psychological stress can develop mental or physical health problems. Stress can be caused both by daily responsibilities and routine events, as well as by more unusual events, such as a trauma or illness in oneself or a close family member. In Death Be Not Proud(1949), a book about, Johnny, a 12 year old boy with cancer, and his story throughout his treatments and events he experienced, Johnny did not go a day without having to go through the laborious nauisance and ordeal of having his head dressed and bandaged. Johnny struggled with distress. When people feel that they can’t manage or control the changes caused by cancer, they become distressed. Distress is a factor with cancer patients, that has increasingly been recognized. There is even some evidence that extreme distress can, in the end, have poorer clinical outcomes(
The emotions brought on by cancer, can sometimes be very difficult to handle, whether it is coping with the diagnosis, the challenges of treatment, or continued worry about the cancer returning. Cancer can bring on a lot of emotions, including emotions like, shock, fear, uncertainty,…

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