Essay on Psychological And Physical Health Benefits

786 Words Nov 21st, 2015 4 Pages
A while back I remember reading a bizarre article about a woman who ran a business, The Snuggery where the owner of the business, Jacqueline, provides individuals with private therapeutic (non-sexual) snuggling sessions that are meant to have many psychological and physical health benefits. In the article it explained how simple affectionate touch and physical contact with others can have a positive effect on our physical and mental health by decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression, while offering comfort and compassion. When I first read the article I thought this woman was bananas to charge a fee in return for something as basic as a cuddle and wondered how beneficial her services could possibly be. However, upon reviewing the components of what defines an approach to stress prevention, snuggling can be seen as an effective approach to stress prevention that aims to reduce the impacts of stressful situations (Young, 2012). In similar ways to how jogging or physical exercise, muscle relaxation, and meditation all incorporate physical activity, snuggling can help individuals lessen already present stressors and tension in our bodies, making it so that we are better equipped and more physically capable to handle new stressors. The comforting cuddle or touch with positive feelings is suggested to affect people’s perceptions making them less agitated and aggressive, both verbally and physically. Although this approach to stress intervention doesn’t address the problems and…

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