Psychological Analysis Of The Movie 'Flowers For Algernon'

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Psychological Analysis of the ‘Flowers for Algernon’ movie
Movies can offer very good lessons to viewers when viewed from psychological perspective. An example of such a movie is the ‘Flowers for Algernon’. This movie shows a society of mentally handicapped individuals and the range of difficulties they face in the society that presents little tolerance for those who are different. Therefore, the values found in this movie are good lessons that help viewers know how to adapt in such societies by opening our minds moreover, eyes. However, there are ethical issues that need to be addressed concerning the experiments to change intelligence in the movie.
An overview of the Movie
Just to give a brief overview of the
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Even though the scientists used surgical techniques, it can be presumed that Charly had just a common procedure at the time he was treated with electroshock by Dr. Guarino. In other words, it is not clear what procedures were used in the whole process.
As well, the doctors performed a crude surgical technique known as frontal lobotomies. They thought that removing the part of the brain responsible for types of mental illnesses would solve the problem. They were wrong because the techniques only led to the removal of too much brain tissue, thus leaving the patients in the worst states than before. This is why ethical questions are raised as to whether these early brain surgeries should be done for improving mental performance. The point is that these surgeries were turning tragic and therefore were not ethically good for patients who needed proper solutions.
In a more precise manner, the surgical techniques that developed in the 1980s brought about debates in excising portions of the brain to control behavior and mental performance. There people with different types of epilepsy responded positively to such surgical procedures. Therefore, the problems were laminated with a few of the tragic effects of early frontal lobotomies being
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Charly’s disability is the result of an untreated physical disorder by the name phenylketonuria. If there is any baby born today with such a condition, then there would be good ways enough to prevent the type of learning disability that Charly experiences. Such disabilities and mental disorders are not easily treated but can be managed with patience and care. We can see that Charly wants to use his newfound intelligence to help others in his situations. He recognizes that he was a human being before the surgery. However, the surgery does not make Charly a better human than he was before the operation. We can also ask ourselves whether Charly would ultimately lead a happier and productive life if at all, the surgery could have been

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