Essay on Psychodynamic Therapy And Interpersonal Psychotherapy

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Two psychotherapy styles described in the text are exposure therapy, which falls under the category of Behavior/Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), which falls under the category of Psychodynamic Therapy. According to the text, the general idea of exposure therapy is to flood the client with stimuli that previously caused them fear/anxiety or avoidance. Interpersonal psychotherapy is considered an empirical psychoanalytic alternative to other techniques of Psychodynamic therapy such as free association, interpretation and etc. “Interpersonal psychotherapy focuses on the relation between the onset of clinical problems and present interpersonal problems. Current social problems are addressed , not enduring personality traits or styles. It involves a thorough assessment of depressive symptoms, targeting a major problem area and alleviating depressive symptoms by improving relationships with others. It has been shown effective in treating acute depressive episodes and in preventing or delaying the recurrence of depressive episodes” (Trull, Prinstein, 2013). Any clinician taking on Fatima 's case would first collect a thorough history on her before executing any type of therapy. This would include an extensive knowledge of what her chief complaint(s) is/are, the history of her presenting problem(s), precipitating factors, symptoms, family psychiatric and social history, medical history, mental history, substance/alcohol use and abuse…

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