Psychodynamic Theory Of Early Childhood Experience Essay

1139 Words May 18th, 2016 null Page
Psychodynamic theory stresses the significance of early childhood experience and how it affects adulthood. This theory relies on the relationship developed between the counselor and client, allowing of freedom of expression to take place. When applying this theory within a school setting an advantage is understanding and knowing the clients behavior patterns. Psychodynamic focuses on the past with the assumption that a student is currently acting a certain way based on childhood experiences (Henderson, 2016). A counselor understands the student through the subconscious impact on his or her behavior. This theory is beneficial because it looks at the deepest part of the student and tries to help heal the student from the inside out in order to find the root of the causes. Looks at deepest part of a person and tries to heal them from the inside out. Although there are advantages, there are also limitations why applying psychodynamic to the school. First and foremost psychodynamic is a long term commitment which may not be obtainable within a school setting due to the amount of students a counselor must see. In addition, this theory relies on the personal childhood history that many students may not be open to sharing which affect the amount of time it takes to get to the root of the issue (Henderson, 2016). Through this theory, counselors must not accept factors outside the idea of what they believed are influenced by thoughts and behaviors, which the analysis of the student is…

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