Psychodynamic Personality Profile of Johnny Depp Essay

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Personality, like most core Psychology subjects, is difficult to define. Personality is essentially the science of describing and understanding people. No two people are the same; even identical twins will tell you that they are very different to their identical counterpart. There are some who are anxious and there are those who are risk-takers. There are some who are carefree while there are those who are highly-strung and there are those who are over-confident while some are just plain shy. It is this issue of differences that are fundamental to the study and examination of personality.

Johnny Depp, born June 9th, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky – self-proclaimed “barbeque capital of the world” – has led an interesting life filled with
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By 12, he got into smoking which soon led to drinking and illegal drugs. He lost his virginity at 13 and partook in various misdemeanours such as petty theft and vandalism.

Most perspectives of personality will have their own say as to how Johnny and his personality could have been affected by this childhood. The trait perspective would analyse Depp as an individual who, according to the Big 5 (Fiske, 1949), is highly extroverted, neurotic and open to experience while scoring low in Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. A study conducted by Kandel, Davies, Karus and Yamaguchi (1986), found a relationship between personality traits and drug taking in that young children rated as being emotionally unstable, disobedient, aggressive, teasing, fidgety and restlessness were found less than a decade later at age 14 years to be more likely to be using illegal drugs. This may fit Depp and his childhood to a tee, however it does not give an explanation for his behaviour; it merely gives an explanation for his actions.

The phenomenological perspective would see this childhood as just a necessary step in the growth of oneself. That people must face the low points of your life in order to recognise and embrace the highs. The learning perspective on personality will try to explain that it is your early experiences in childhood that will shape the future

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