Psychodynamic Counselling Overview Essay

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Psychodynamic Counselling – Overview.

Psychodynamic counselling has a long history and vast literature to condense so only a brief overview is possible here – following on from the themes already discussed and with particular focus on four psychologists: Freud, Jung, Adler and Klein.

“The primary purpose of psychodynamic counselling is to help clients make sense of current situations; of memories associated with present experience, some of which spring readily to mind, others which may rise to consciousness as the counselling develops; and of the images that appear in fantasies and dreams.” (Jacobs)

In essence it is concerned with the presenting past, the use of the counselling relationship in terms of its meaning for the client,
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The significance of the past and its repetition in the present
This concept is central to the psychodynamic approach, informing both theory and practice and making a contribution to the development of the various layers of understanding which the counsellor works towards achieving.
The transference relationship between client and counsellor
In addition to respect and acceptance which should characterise a counselling relationship, transference is significant in psychodynamic counselling. Previous patterns of relationships to significant others are transferred to the counsellor. This transference forms a central part of the work undertaken by both client and counsellor, who once again is able to use theory to inform practice.
Practice and Techniques

Repressed and suppressed material frequently remains in the unconscious because it is so painful. Regression is a way of helping a person return to the past at their own pace, to bring into the conscious gradually and thus experience the feelings and events of the past. The use of the dynamics of the counselling relationship - failures, loss, endings, resistance
As may be expected transference is often negative. ‘The value of this within the counselling relationship is that the patterns of past failures, losses and unsatisfactory

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