Psychodynamic Approach, Trait Approach And The Leader Member Exchange Theory

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Three Leadership Approaches
Furthermore, there are three leadership approaches that I would not want to adopt which are Psychodynamic approach, Trait approach, and the Leader-Member Exchange Theory. According to Northouse (2013) the Psychodynamic Leadership Approach is proclaimed to being originated through your first leadership experiences. For instance, your first leaders would be your parents or caretakers. In addition, the psychodynamic approach is proclaimed to emphasize on the leaders-followers relationships, their personal character, and traits. However, I would not want to adopt this theory due to I feel that psychodynamic approach is not for normal individuals but more so to conduct studies and treatments for the abnormal people. Northouse (2013) states that the psychodynamic approach was implemented much early and was based on clinical observations and treatment for people with serious mental difficulties (p.339). Therefore, I feel this approach is more prone to addresses difficulties among leaders in an organization with psychosomatic conditions.
Northouse, (2013) listed the leadership traits as articulate, perceptive, self-confident, and self-assured persistent and determined. Additional leadership traits listed by Northouse, (2013) included: trustworthy, dependable, friendly, outgoing, conscientious, diligent, sensitive, and empathic (p.38). However, I would not want to adopt this trait because I do not believe that all leaders become leaders through traits.…

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