Psychoanalytic Psychology: The Five Schools Of Thought

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Introduction Ever since I was younger, I have been extremely introverted and tend to prefer being alone to heavily interacting with others. Introversion can be defined as a tendency to focus more on internal feelings and thoughts and less on external stimulation. According to the five schools of thought in psychology, there are reasons for the presence of this personality trait and why it has developed so strongly. The five schools of thought are psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and biological psychology, and each one provides a different explanation for my introversion.

Psychoanalytic Psychology The first school of thought is psychoanalytic psychology which was developed by Freud. Psychoanalytic psychology focuses
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He believed that behavior could be broken into three parts: the id which are unconscious impulses, the ego which limits the id, and the superego which is the conscience. Freud would claim that my introverted tendencies are a part of the id. He would say that my id is my natural desire for security and recharging internal energy by avoiding heavy social interaction. This impulse is what motivates my behavior and while this impulse can be controlled, it will never be eliminated from my personality, and in a way, I will always be a slave to it even if I am unaware of it. According to the psychoanalytic school of thought, I am introverted because it is an unconscious impulse.
Behavioral Psychology The second school of thought in psychology is behaviorism. This school of thought focuses more on the idea of conditioning that results in certain behavior and
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According to this school of thought, the personality trait of introversion is not developed but is built into a person’s biological nature. Many studies have been conducted on the differences between introverts and extroverts and research has proven that the brain of an introvert functions differently than the brain of an extrovert which results in different behavior. The differences in behavior are primarily due to the differences in cortical arousal which is the speed and amount of the brain’s activity which introverts have been proven to have a naturally higher rate of (Stelmack, 1990). As a result, introverts are much more sensitive to sensory stimuli which explains why introverts tend to feel exhausted after significant social interaction. According to biological psychology, I am introverted because of the way my brain naturally

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