Psychoanalytic Model Paper

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Psychoanalytic Model Paper


Psychoanalytic Model Paper
Cynthia Garza
Psy310- History and Systems of Psychology
Instructor: Sara Molloy

Psychoanalytic Model Paper


Psychoanalytic Model Paper
When we talk about Psychoanalytic theory the first name that comes to mind is Sigmund
Freud. Even though they are other psychologists that contributed to psychoanalytic theory and its development, Sigmund Freud is known for being the founder of this theory. He is famous for his work on sexual bias of neurosis, his study of hysteria, childhood seduction controversy, and dream analysis, among other theories like id, ego, and superego. Psychoanalytic Theory is the theory of the unconscious mind, and the personality development. Another
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Most of his views came from
Darwin’s ideas on psychoanalysis like the meaning of dreams, the unconscious mind, sexual arousal, and even childhood development. Frank J. Sulloway was a recognized historian of science, and he found that Freud’s way of thinking was inspired by Darwin. “What Sulloway did was to check the books in Freud’s personal library, where he found copies of Darwin’s works.
Freud had read them all and had written notes in the margins.”(Schultz, D 1969 pg293). Even though Freud contributed to the field of psychoanalysis there was criticism of his work. Some scholars believe that his work was reliable due to poor record keeping. “He did not make a verbatim transcript of each patient’s words but worked from notes made several hours after seeing the patient” (Schultz, D 1969 pg315). This means that his notes of the sessions with his

Psychoanalytic Model Paper


patients were compromised by his opinions and ideas. I can see way people would be concerned with his methods of data collection. There is a chance that he misunderstood what his patients were telling him. For example, when my husband and I have an argument there’s time when I misinterpreted what he said. My recollection of the argument is different from his recollection of the argument. In his case, it is important to have the most accurate information. Other scholars believed that he influenced the patient’s answers and only heard what he wanted to hear.
“Examination of the actual cases

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