Psychoanalytical/Dynamic Model Freud

Can the psychoanalytical/dynamic model of psychology, specifically Freud's intensive study of consciousness and subliminal mind be used to explain the behaviors and actions of an individual? Psychodynamic theory, as viewed by in today's psychology, focus mainly on how personality is an indirect and direct product of conscious and subliminal influence, such as desires or beliefs one has. Sigmund Freud is thought to be one of the true pioneers of this model, proposed that personality is a result of three main balances and when one is off kilter, one might experiences warps and abnormality in their personality. The balances consist of the id, which is responsible for instincts and pleasure-seeking; the superego, which acts towards what is deemed …show more content…
This included psychological dysfunctions, disorders, and problems. Freud believed that our childhood shaped who we would become as individuals, holding great influence in our adult lives and personality. That events or traumas that one might have experienced in this period can hold heavy insight and be the root cause of abnormality or dysfunction in one's way of thought and coping. That drives are modified and changed throughout our childhood in a system of cause and correlation. For example, you give a dog a treat for sitting down, chances are the dog will now associate getting a treat with sitting down, this causes a learned behavior and children, especially those in early childhood are highly susceptible in nature. Unconscious thought seeminly works hand in hand with this theory as its believed that human behavior is also driven by past influences, even those we do not specifically remember. That feelings, drives, motives, and even our decisions are in direct correlation of these past experiences. Freud was a strong believer that the unconscious mind was important, maybe even more so than the conscious part, as it was the primary source of human behavior. (Bornstein, "The Psychodynamic Perspective",

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